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Don't forget to register your signal booster

According to the regulations introduced in the United Stated in 2014, users of cell signal boosters are obliged to get an approval from their carriers and register their devices.

Usage of signal boosters is regulated by the authorities due to the fact that these devices use cellular frequencies. It means that incorrectly functioning low-quality devices may interfere wireless networks and cause problems with communication services. In order to prevent such situations, carriers should approve each signal booster used in the country.

All the major cellular carriers have given their consent to register signal boosters on their networks.

The process of getting approval and passing through the procedure of registration is not a difficult task for consumers. Registration takes just a couple of minutes. Consumers need to provide some personal details like their full name, address, the model of their cell signal booster and carrier phone number.

For more precise information, please consult your carrier's website or contact it directly. If you need our assistance, please, let us know and we will be happy to help you.

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For other carriers it is recommended that you contact them directly for the procedure to register a consumer signal booster.

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