A 4G cell network offers you an opportunity to enjoy high speed of data exchange. Nevertheless, as in case with other cell technologies, sometimes signal issues are inevitable due to a variety of external factors that cannot be controlled. But 4G signal problems are easily solved. And we definitely know how. The only thing that you need to do is to find the most appropriate high-quality and absolutely safe 4G signal amplifier on our website and submit an order.

But let us tell you little bit more about our 4G repeaters that are designed to improve poor 4G signal of your carrier. Though there are different models of 4G cell phone boosters, they all have two antennas.

One antenna is to be installed outdoors. Thanks to this antenna your device will be connected with the closest cell phone tower. The second antenna, that is responsible for interaction between your cell phone and 4G repeater, should be placed indoors. Another very important element of 4G amplifier is a booster box itself, it improves the signal that is caught by the outdoor antenna and sends the improved signal to the indoor antenna which transmits it to your cell phone.

In our online catalogue you can find a wide variety of boosters that can help you to overcome your 4G cell signal problems. Our devices are able to offer you different coverage areas which can be a significant criterion for choosing the most appropriate booster that will meet all your requirements. On our website you can find a suitable 4G amplifier not only for a small apartment or a private house but also for an office building, a hotel or a supermarket. To ensure optimum signal coverage, it is recommended to place a device near the window or even outside, if it is possible. What is more, our company can provide an excellent solution for car drivers who are tired of having 4G signal problems during their trips. Car signal boosters can be installed in cars which means that you will have excellent 4G connection regardless your location.

If you are afraid that you won’t manage to install such a device on your own, leave your worries aside. No special knowledge or skills are needed to install it. Usually it takes no longer than 30-40 minutes even for a non-tech person to set up a 4G repeater. With your device you will get a detailed guide that contains all the necessary information on the installment process. Moreover, useful tips will appear on the screen of your 4G cell booster if you have a device with LCD screen.

And there is one more very important thing that you should know. Our 4G boosters are absolutely safe devices. Moreover, they can reduce the level of radiation emitted by your phone.

We offer you only the most effective devices that have different power and coverage area. To help you to make the right choice, we have developed a special Search form. But if you need our professional assistance, our specialists are always ready to provide you their professional assistance.