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How to install cell phone signal booster

In the last decade, the internet and cell phones have become a giant part of our lives, and lots of us use tons of data every day. It’s hard to underestimate how useful the internet is, and we all know that it’s an everyday need in modern society to help us get around, receive the latest news, study and work. And the development of technologies adjusts to our needs, spreading the GSM, 3G and 4G signals wider and wider and letting us use our cell phones in the remote and faraway places, under the ground, up high in the tallest buildings, you name it.

But even though the technology has come really far, lots of people, unfortunately, still struggle with receiving their signal well. Cell phone signal carriers do a lot, but they aren’t almighty and they can’t beat physics. The most common reasons people have poor signal are the distance from the nearest cell tower (when the signal simply cannot reach them because it’s too far), the materials their houses or offices are made of and obstacles that the cell phone signal faces on its way. The signal is a wave, and sometimes things like thick walls, trees, billboards, hills or metal constructions cause the wave to disrupt, and the person behind the obstacle cannot have a proper signal. And this is when a signal booster, also known as a signal repeater, comes to help.

How does a signal repeater help?

It’s a system that consists of several parts:

All these parts do their job together. The outside antenna catches the weak signal on the frequency of the cell phone carrier that you need, and then, over a cable, passes it to the repeater box, which amplifies it and broadcasts the better, enhanced signal, via the indoor antenna. And not only this system does this, but it also works in the opposite direction: when you make a call or use your internet data, the signal is immediately caught, amplified and then broadcasted to the closest cell tower.

So, what do you get from owning a cell phone signal repeater? It makes no difference what your cell phone carrier is, you can receive stable and strong signal at your house or office, no matter the size, or inside your vehicle: car, truck, or boat. You can make calls in any corner of any room and your interlocutor will hear you perfectly, as well as you’ll hear them; you’ll have the best internet speed possible and won’t have to worry about signal loss and disconnections, whatever you are doing. Making video calls, streaming, downloading, chatting – everything will bring you pleasure instead of annoying disconnections and missed calls.

Are signal boosters as easy to maintain as they sound? Yes, they are. You don’t need to hire any specialists so help you with it. The instructions are actually very simple and vary only by the place where you need your booster to be placed: whether it’s a house, a big building or a vehicle (the vehicle ones are a little bit different, even though they work the same way). We listed several easy steps for you, and following them you will be able to install your signal repeater by yourself.

How to install a signal booster in the house?

How to install your cell phone signal repeater in a large building?

The steps are pretty much the same. Except for the fact that you probably won’t have any access to the roof, so the only way to place the outer antenna would be outside the window.

And, finally, the vehicle. If your choice is a signal repeater for a vehicle, because you spend a lot of time in your car and/or get stuck in traffic jams pretty often and don’t want to lose that time and get bored, your way to installation also won’t be complicated. Vehicle signal repeaters’ outside antenna is usually small (because you can’t move around with a large piece of metal attached to your vehicle, that would slow it down and may cause danger). It’s magnetic for small cars and trucks, and permanent for boats and RVs. This antenna is connected to a signal booster box, as well as the other, inner antenna, that broadcasts the amplified signal inside the vehicle. These boosters can adjust their amplifying strength according to how strong is the signal outside (and this value is constantly changing because the vehicle is moving). But its working scheme is absolutely similar.

How do you install an amplifier inside your car?

The amplifier will solve your signal issues no matter what is your cell phone signal carrier, and, as you can see, it’s actually a very low-maintenance device. A cell phone signal repeater a very useful thing to have if you suffer from the weak signal and it makes your life uncomfortable because after you purchase it and easily complete all of these steps by yourself, you will gladly enjoy all benefits of modern technology without any troubles.

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