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How It Works

Though cell signal boosters are not so newly-introduced devices, their working principle remains a secret for many of our clients. Nevertheless, in this article we will reveal you all the secrets of cell signal repeaters.

Today, when we use cellular phones so actively, poor signal can become a real disaster. We are accustomed to the opportunity to stay connected regardless of time and location. Our families, friends and co-workers know that they can easily reach us. And we also know that any minute we wish we can call somebody, or send a message, or check weather forecast or read news thanks to 3G or 4G connection. So, it is quite clear that when we do not have such a possibility, we feel like a fish out of water.

That’s why the questions how to boost cell phone signal can be really pressing ones for a number of users. And we know the best solution for this problem – cell phone signal boosters that are developed for working with different types of signals of different operators. Moreover, our devices have different coverage. Some of them are designed for being installed in cars and boats. It means that taking into consideration your concrete needs and requirements; you definitely will find the most appropriate variant.

Nevertheless, in spite of their differences, all our devices have the same working principle. Our usual cell phone signal booster represents itself a set which includes: 2 antennas (one should be installed outdoors, while the second one is to be installed indoors), cell signal booster box, cables (as a rule) and power supply. As you may understand the main elements are antennas and a booster box.

The working principle is rather simple to be explained. The antenna that is installed outdoors is needed to catch a bad cell signal of your mobile operator. The main peculiarity about this antenna is that it is able to catch such a weak signal that can’t be even found by your cellular phone. After the signal is received, it is necessary to send it to the booster box that will amplify it. The signal is sent via a coaxial cable which connects the amplifier with the antenna.

Then the booster box improves the received signal and sends it to the second antenna. Once again it is necessary to send the signal through a connecting coaxial cable. But now we are speaking about the second cable that connects our amplifier with the indoor antenna. And finally, the improved signal can be transmitted and received by your cellular phone.

Let’s summarize this scheme.

Step 1: The signal is caught by the outdoor antenna.

Step 2: The caught signal is sent to the cell signal booster box.

Step 3: The booster box amplifies the signal.

Step 4: The improved signal is sent to the indoor antenna.

Step 5: The signal is transmitted to your cell phone.

As you see, everything is very simple and clear!

What is more, you should also understand that our cell signal repeaters not only catch a signal from cell towers with a view to improve and distribute it to your cell phones, our devices also catch, improve and send to a cell station a signal from your cellular phones.

If you are afraid that you won’t be able to install your network signal boosters, leave all your fears aside. First of all, you will receive a detailed manual with all necessary guides together with your order. But you should also bear in mind, that we are always open for communication and are ready to help you to deal with all the difficulties.

Tired to struggle with a weak cell phone signal? We will take your signal to its utmost level!

All you need to do is to get in touch with our qualified managers and you will forget about network problems once and for all!

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