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What factors can lead to bad cell signal?

It is obvious that each situation in our life has its own reasons or influencing factors that result in it. Problems can’t appear from nowhere as well. The same is absolutely true about cell phone signal problems. There are some concrete obstacles that may prevent the signal of your cell services provider from reaching your phone. And we want to explain at least the most wide-spread ones. As we strongly believe that our existing and potential clients need to understand all the peculiarities of the cell signal’s way in order to realize how it can be improved and what assistance we can provide for those who have faced with poor cell signal.

The ideal conditions for a cell signal to reach your phone presuppose that you are standing somewhere in the open space near a cell tower holding a phone in your hand. And there is nobody and nothing near you that can become a physical obstacle for the signal. Can it be a reality? Of course, no. We buy cellular phones with an aim not to be location-dependent in our communication. It means that we hope to have a permanent opportunity to stay in contact all day long. But as you may already know, there can be different types of factors that have influence on this opportunity.

You remoteness from the nearest cell tower

Let’s start from the most obvious one. It is your remoteness from cell towers of your cell services provider. You should understand a simple principle: cell towers built and operated by your carrier send a signal to your phone. But each cell tower has its own coverage area. Of course, today carriers try to install as many cell towers as possible and to make their coverage as wide as possible but it doesn’t mean that the possibilities of cell signal are limitless. If you are far away from the nearest cell tower, the signal just has no opportunity to reach your phone, or it is too weak to let you enjoy the benefits of cell communication.

Having analyzed a great number of cases of our clients, we can make a conclusion that this factor is one of the most popular ones when we speak about the reasons of poor cell signal. That’s why people who live in remote rural areas or like to spend time in the countryside quite often become our clients.

Physical obstacles preventing signal from reaching you

The second factor is also rather easy to explain and understand. Let’s imagine for a moment that our cell signal is a physical object, a car, for example. And it is on its way to reach our cell phone. But suddenly it faces with a huge mountain or a high building. If there is no a road, what does usually a car do? It stops as it has no possibility to continue its way. The same is true about our cell signal. If there are some physical obstacles like high trees, buildings, mountains, hills and other landscape or infrastructural peculiarities, our signal just stops and our cell phones can’t catch it.

So, if you are somewhere high in the mountains or at the bottom of a valley, you should be prepared that some cell signal problems are possible and they are quite natural.

Peculiarities of a building including construction materials

Maybe you have seen some statistics data of cell services providers which shows us their indoors and outdoors coverage. And quite often indoors coverage is lower than the second indicator. It can be explained by the fact that construction materials used for building your house also matter. There are some so-called blockers of cell signal, this group includes concrete, metal, brick and some other materials. Quite often you may have perfect signal near your house but when you are indoors you signal is much-much worse, then the problem is in the used construction materials.

Conjunctive work of different factors

We have presented a rather detailed description of the peculiarities of the most wide-spread factors, but you should also know that as a rule they work in combination, and it can be really impossible to name the only one reason leading to your bad signal. Nevertheless, we can provide you with a solution that will help you to overcome all types of negatively influencing factors and we will tell you about it further.

How a Cell Phone Signal Booster Can Help

It is funny and strange, but only now, in the 21st century, poor reception and bad signal issues have become our everyday reality. No wonder. The demand from our cell phones and all sorts of other devices has never been as high.

Nothing is more important for your smartphone than cellular reception. But there you have it – another dropped call, slow Internet, stuck messages and endless loading screens… Sounds frustrating, right?

During these extremely long minutes of waiting you lose not only time, but also money. And nerves, of course. And that not to mention the life or death kind of situations, when making a phone call or opening a particular webpage is way too important.

What are the main reasons for a poor cell signal?

  1. The lie of the land can become an issue in most of the cases. Mountains, hills, forests.. All these things can worsen the quality of the signal.
  2. A long distance from the cell phone tower. This one is easy. The farther you are from a cell phone tower – the more problems you will experience with your gadget. Even when some operator claims that its coverage is close to 100% - that is not always entirely true. And surely there are remote areas that just can’t get enough good quality signal.
  3. Overcrowded cell phone towers. You might have experienced such an issue during public holidays, for example. When everyone is trying to connect to their loved ones or post a selfie, there is simply not enough of connection for everyone.
  4. That’s right. You can have signal problems not only in the countryside, but also in the middle of a big city. Especially, if there are many tall buildings. The trick here is that a lot of materials from which the walls are made simply can’t let the signal through.
  5. Combination of causes. Certainly, the chances are high that there are two and more obstacles on the way of your signal. So, in order to get to you, the little guy has to do a pretty difficult job.

Frankly speaking, all these situations are unacceptable nowadays. When, basically, everything in our lives depends on the quality of the connection. Unfortunately, there are not that many things that you can do on your own to fix that. Changing the cell phone operator will not really do any difference and the signal issue does not depend on the frequency that your gadget is connected to… So, what options are you left with?

A Cell Phone Signal Booster

Certainly, the best way out of the situation, is investing into a high-quality signal booster. What is the main job of this device? Well, basically, it has the power to give a good old boost to your outgoing and incoming cell phone signal. A signal booster box literally takes the signal (no matter how weak it is) and amplifies 3G or 4G/LTE. And you can finally enjoy everything that modern GSM has to offer.

What are the main pluses of a network signal booster?

By the way, you might be wondering, if this miracle device really does work. Don’t worry. All the signal boosters that you can find on the market nowadays (from certified providers, of course) have been checked by the major cellular carriers and the FCC. Independent experiments did not only prove that the signal boosters really do the job. They are actually the preferred and most effective solution for getting better signal nowadays.

What Parts Does a Signal Booster Include?

There is nothing too complicated about the way the booster works. Moreover, most of the times you wouldn’t even need any additional tools or help to install the device all on you own.

A cell phone signal booster includes an outside antenna. It is also sometimes called ‘the donor antenna’. What does it do? Its job is to receive the signal from the nearest cell phone tower and then pass it on to the signal amplifier. These two are connected with the help of an ordinary cable.
The signal amplifier improves the signal and hands it over to another antenna (or sometimes – a few) through another cable. These last antennas broadcast the new flawless signal to all the gadgets within the area.

Basically, a cell phone signal booster is at least two antennas, a couple of cables and a signal booster box. Modern boosters can easily fit into any type of interior. They are as compact as they can possibly be and look neat and sleek, so that the device does not ruin the way your house looks.

By the bye, a network signal booster functions the other way round as well. So that when you make the call or want to upload something, the same process happens all over again, but in reverse. In the end, the donor antenna sends the data to the cell phone tower located nearby.

Still how exactly does the cell phone signal booster overpass all the obstructions that we have mentioned before?

The mountains and trees, for example? Well, the point here is that the antenna can transmit a strong signal in all the directions. It means that we are maximizing the chances of the signal to make its way through all the obstructions.

Which impact do the construction materials have? Does a signal repeater have enough power to send the signal through a thick concrete wall? Not exactly. But thanks to the cables that we use, the signal can easily travel through walls of any thickness.

Which Types of Cell Phone Signal Boosters exist?

We can distinguish two basic types of cell signal boosters

Let’s have a little closer look at these types.

Cell signal boosters for buildings.

The differential characteristic is that signal boosters for buildings are designed to constantly stay in one place/location. They are a perfect option for houses, apartments and different businesses. There are several levels of these kind of cell phone repeaters. The entry level is a great choice, if you intend to cover a small area. There is also the so-called ‘enterprise’ level that will do the job even for multilevel buildings.

By the way, if you figure out that one single booster is not enough to cover a huge space – you can always add more signal amplifiers and create an entire network of antennas. Thus, space limitations simply do not exist.

Cell signal boosters for vehicles.

These kind of cellular signal boosters have to handle the permanently changing signal environment. Such an option is an amazing choice, if you search to boost the cellular signal inside your car, RV, truck or even boat.

Generally, such boosters are equipped with a small outside antenna. It may be permanent (for boats, for example) or magnetic (perfect for cars). The other details are pretty much the same: the cell signal amplifier is connected to the outside antenna via a cable; the amplifier passes the boosted signal on to the inside antenna.

Certainly, cell signal boosters for vehicles are weaker, when it comes to comparing the boosting power, but they do the job well. If your vehicle becomes your “second home or office”, you should consider buying a cell signal booster.

Strength of the signal and required coverage

When investing into a cell phone repeater, it is highly recommended to know the strength of the existing outside signal. Unfortunately, a signal booster is not a magic wand. If the signal caught outside is very poor – the cell signal amplifier will be able to cover a rather small part of your property, as there is not enough of signal out there to boost.

For such cases, there are two options:

2G, 3G, 4G LTE

When choosing a signal booster, you should also be aware of what type of signal you want to improve. This is exactly where these numbers and letters will help you.

How to choose your perfect signal booster?

Well, even if you want to boost solemnly your voice calls, experts still advice you invest into a 4G LTE booster. Such a choice will certainly ensure that your booster will continue doing the job years from now. Moreover, the absolute majority of 4G LTE boosters also support 2G and 3G.

The time has finally come to forget about any type of signal problems and save a lot of nerves, time and money.

Tired to struggle with a weak cell phone signal? We will take your signal to its utmost level!

All you need to do is to get in touch with our qualified managers and you will forget about network problems once and for all!

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