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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How does a cell phone signal booster work?

A cell phone signal booster represents itself a device that performs several functions. First of all, its task is to receive a cell signal distributed by the nearest cellular tower of your carrier. Then in amplifies the received signal and the improved one is sent to your phone. But it solves not only the problem of poor reception, it also boosts the signal that is sent by your cell phone. The main purpose of installing a cell signal repeater is to improve the quality of your cell signal and, consequently, the quality of your communication. If you need to get some more details about the working principle of our boosters, please, read our article devoted to the issue or contact us.

How many users can enjoy the benefits of a cell signal repeater at the same time?

There are no any limitations for the number of people who can receive the boosted signal. But it is important to remember that each booster has its area of coverage that is limited. Nevertheless, if you are within this area, you will get an opportunity to enjoy a boosted signal regardless of the number of other people doing it. For example, LCD-250C+4G signal booster can distribute the signal to more than 100 phones simultaneously within its coverage area of 300m².

Can I be sure that it is safe to use such devices?

The cell phone signal boosters that we offer are absolutely safe in use. All the devices displayed in our online catalogue meet the internationally recognized CE and RoHS standards. Moreover, it is not a secret that the usage of cell phone leads to emission of radiation that is harmful for our health but thanks to cell signal repeaters the level of radiation emitted is significantly reduced.

Why is Cell-phone-signal-booster.com better than its competitors?

First of all, one of our main competitive advantages is our passion for quality. We take care about our reputation and that’s why we never offer you any devices that are not time-tested. We sell only absolutely safe cell signal repeaters that can distribute their improved signal to more than one cell phone at the same time. Moreover, we are always in touch with you and are ready to help you in a 24/7 regime. We offer our clients very appealing prices and favorable conditions of cooperation with us. If due some reasons you are not satisfied with your order, you can always contact us and we will find a solution. To learn more about it, please, study our Return Policy.

How to Choose a Booster

What should I know to choose the right cell signal repeater?

Different models of cell phone signal boosters can offer different coverage and capacity. We recommend you to read carefully the information provided in the Guide that we have prepared especially for our clients. Moreover, you can pay your attention to technical characteristics that are presented on the product pages in our online catalogue. Nevertheless, don’t forget to contact us wherever you need our assistance.

Which booster can be used with my carrier?

To facilitate the process of looking for suitable boosters, we would like to offer you the possibility of selecting your carrier and you will see a list of appropriate variants that perfectly support the selected carrier’s frequencies.

How to install and to use boosters

Is it possible to install a booster without any professional help?

It is absolutely easy to install all the cell signal boosters that we offer you in our online catalogue. The main thing that should be done before proceeding to installment is reading the manual that you will receive together with your device. Even if you have never done anything like this before, you will manage to mount the set without any difficulties. Moreover, some tips about the process of installation are provided on our website. Please, follow the link if you need some more details and don’t hesitate to contact our team. Our specialists will do their best to help you.

How many rooms/floors can I cover with a cell signal repeater?

It depends on the model that you are going to buy. In general, our devices are able to spread the improved signal for more than one room. But if you know that you need to cover a really large indoor area, pay your attention to the most powerful devices. There can be some difficulties, if such construction materials as concrete and metal were used for building the house where you need to enhance the signal. If you have some specific requirements, please, consult our managers to choose the most suitable device and accessories for your situation.

What maximum length of cables for boosters is recommended?

Our engineers have carried out different trials in order to determine the optimal length of cables so that the booster and the antennas work at their maximum. However, some more powerful models may allow a certain cable extension (please, refer to our specialists to verify that). The general rule that we strongly recommend to follow is: use cables of the standard length that is indicated in the instruction, otherwise, it may lead to serious deterioration of the signal.

How can I check the signal on my phone?

To check the signal on your phone it is not enough just to look at the bars on your screen as it is not a precise indicator, that’s why we recommend you to turn to a more reliable way of checking it. To do it, you need to use Field test mode (FTM) on your cell phone. This function is available on the majority of modern operating systems on smartphones. Below you will find short instructions but if you need more details, please, check this page.

  1. If you have OiS phone, dial * 3001 # 12345 # * and press “Call” button.
  2. If you have Android device, dial * # * # 197328640 # * # * and then hit “Call” button.
  3. If you use Windows phone, dial Type # # 3282 # and start.
  4. If you have Blackberry device, select TOOLS, SETTINGS, STATUS or OPTIONS, STATUS.

How should I interpret the results of Test Field Mode?

After you activate Test Field Mode on your cell phone, on the screen you will see the indicator of your signal power in dB. For more information about Test Field Mode, please, read the information provided on this page.

The dB parameter is a negative number. The higher is the number (the closer to zero it is), the better signal reception you have.

To have reliable communication and high quality of your cell signal, your aim is to reach a mark of at least -79 dB.

How should I point my antenna to let it catch the best signal?

Ideally, your antenna should be pointed to the direction where the nearest base station of your carrier is situated, but if you don’t have precise information on its location, here are some tips for you how to find the most appropriate direction of your antenna.

  1. Install the whole set of you cell signal booster, including antennas and cables. Switch the system on.
  2. For finding the best position of the antenna, you need a helper who will be checking the power of the signal, while you will be changing a direction of your antenna on the roof. Choose a concrete direction. Your helper should be inside, checking the level of the signal that his or her cell phone is receiving (the best way to do it is to use Test Field Mode).
  3. Then your task is to rotate your antenna for 45 degrees (that is 1/8th of the circle). The person who is indoors, should wait for a minute and check the signal level once again.
  4. You need to repeat this procedure for 8 times, each time changing the direction of your antenna for 45 degrees.
  5. When this task is done, you need to analyze the obtained results. When you compare the results, don’t forget that the signal level is estimated in dB which is represented in negative numbers. The closer to zero it is, the more powerful signal you have.
  6. Point your antenna to the direction with the best result.

It is recommended not to direct your antenna to the side of the building as it may become an obstacle on the way of your signal.

Is it possible to connect additional indoor antennas?

Yes, in order to achieve wider coverage of the improved signal you can use additional indoor antennas that you can find on our website. To find out more information about connection of extra accessories, please, contact us and our technical specialists will be happy to give you their recommendations.

Can I place an outdoor antenna inside?

Yes, it is possible to do so. Nevertheless, you need to remember that the distance between two antennas of your booster should be at least 20 meters, otherwise your device will function incorrectly.

Do your boosters work outside?

Unfortunately, they don’t. Our cell signal boosters that you can find on our website are intended for functioning indoors. Nevertheless, if you have some special requirements and if you want to have a device that will work outdoors, please, contact our team, we are ready to design a customized booster especially for you.

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