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Cell Phone Signal Booster for Boat

Sailing on a boat we can often face the situations of unstable and extremely poor mobile 3G & 4G or GSM signal. These difficulties may arise when you are in the sea due to natural losses of power in wireless transmissions and naturally quite a significant distance from the cell towers on the shore.

A marine cell phone booster is a perfect way-out to get full bar signal when on board a boat. The device will spare you from losing many business opportunities and deals, or important family calls, when you are off shore on a boat or yacht.

If while cruising, you experience a lot of inconveniences arising from poor mobile coverage, you may opt for the most appropriate marine amplifier for your needs. Mounting an omnidirectional marine antenna at the highest point on the boat (obviously within the bounds of possibility) can be the only rather tricky thing to do upon the installation of a marine booster. The rest is just the matter of plugging the cables and connecting the booster to a power supply. Like all of our products, the marine amplifiers can be installed by any person who is at ease with some simple home repairs or cabling.

Enjoy your sea trips without being cut off the world, stay connected and reachable at all times!

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Boat cell phone amplifier
Freq.: 850, 1900, 1700 MHz
5400 ft²
3 Band Calls 3G 4G/LTE
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Tired to struggle with a weak cell phone signal? We will take your signal to its utmost level!

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